Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Finer Points of Drinking

For S and G's. Published on

The choices great, rewards too --
Red or white, gold or blue.
Never drunk, the more to taste,
But do not a sample waste.
In my freezer I keep gin,
On the wine rack rests my Zin,
Absolut and Grand Marnier,
Medicinally, every day.
Single malts, the rich man’s sport
Unless you like a tawny port
Or fine Chateau-neuf du Pap.
Duvel beer pulls out the stops.
Moving on, my spirits high
I guess I’ll give this wine a try.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Poem

For your consideration, a new poem . . .

The Cycle of Love and Pain

Two nightshades off of a plumb,
A couple of bubbles on the square.
Falling in love is a bit like that.
No room for anything debonair.

Tulipomania, the market crashed.
Circle the flower carts, the roses have toes.
Being in love is a bit like that.
We sprinkled shared tears and watched orchids grow.

Blank verse poems written on Iambic columns
Carved of rock hard pent-a-meter.
Losing your love is a bit like that:
Like hummingbirds visiting an empty feeder.

The stages repeat whether rhyming or no,
We all always want to give love a go.