Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Night At The Opera

Diane and I are going to see a live simulcast of the New York opera's performance of Richard Strauss's "Der Rosenkavallier." It happens to be her all time favorite and I love the music though I have bever seen the opera performed. It will be shown on the large screen at Del Monte Cinema in Monterey. Cost, $22.

Basically we will be watching the tekeprompter that you would have as a small acreen at the Opera House. But we will miss out on the wonders of Opera House seating. With stadium seating at the theater, I will not experience the cramped, tight, no room to wriggle stiff seats. With the large screen close ups on the performers I won't need my 10x field hlasses to see their fascial expressions. I will be so comfortable I might fall asleep -- so I intend to bring with me a huge pillar to sit behond so I have to maneuver around it to see, which ought to keep me going.

I don't want to miss the sublime last trio that ends the opera, possibly the best and most beautiful thirteen minutes ever written for voice.

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