Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the Verge

Hello, my friends!

I feel as though I am on the verge of something. Of course, I am always on the verge of something . . . somnetimes it feels like something great, sometimes something dull, sometimes something momentous, sometimes something difficult, sometimes something sad, sometimes it's just a nap. Today it's something mystical, that I can't quite put my finger on, that is tickling me behind the ear where I can't see it. This is a place where we all have been, and I think the vague word for it is hope.

Hope springs eternal, they like to say, and it's true. Even in the darkest of times hope emerges from the shadows. It's difficult to be negative all the time, though it can be done. I have done it for sustained periods. But today, even facing challenges I have not had to face in over a dozen years and that I thought were behind me, I feel hopeful.

Maybe this is because I am writing. A lot. Short pieces, poems and reviews for Helium.com, knowing I am being published and read, at least by fellow writers whose job it is to rate your work against the multitudes. Writing makes me happy like almost nothing else in the world can. In fact, I could lose everything else I own, but if I have a keyboard, internet access (used to be, if I had a pen and paper), some kind of roof over my head and my wonderful wife to support me and help me through the day to day, I will be fine. There may be a regret here and there, lamenting a choice not made in a timely fashion, even some major disappointments. But over all, I will be happy.

And busy. Very, very busy.

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  1. Dear Roy...the mystical thing tapping behind your ear...is your kind and good soul. You have spread the word and that word is hope. Thank you, Roy. I mean it...thank you.

    Love, Catherine