Sunday, March 11, 2012

How To Order Amber Waves

Dear Friends, Family, and Perfect Strangers Who Like to Rwad,

My novel, AMBER WAVES, is available on Kindle or in a real, paperback edition. Told with humor and a gentle regard for historical accuracy, AMBER WAVES is a traveler's quilt of experiences and stories as it recounts the lives of two special people who cannot die, living in a world filled with people who do. It is a fun read, and as I went through the editing process to prepare the paperback version, I knew that I could be proud of it.

The first line is: "Marduk walks."

The book is available at or directly through At either website you can find it by keywording my name, the name of the book, or the ISBN -- 9781469963751. The book is also available through other booksellers but I encourage Amazon because your shipping there is free on combined orders of $25 or more.

AMBER WAVES costs $16.50, which is less than admission for two to a movie and about half the cost of a lunch out at Applebee's for two, including tip. So please consider buying my book. You will not be disappointed.

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