Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Duck, Donald!

Duck, Donald! The Donald may be done. His remarks to and later about Megyn Kelly during the RNC-Fox Debate are un-Presidential at best, if not outright sexist. The poor billionaire felt picked upon and singled out, and responded in typically unpleasant Trump fashion. The anger he speaks to as a candidate may now turn on him. He already sounded racist, now he adds misogyny. I am no fan of Fox News. I think of it as the network Jon Stewart used to parody and Rachel Maddow just shakes her head at night after night, both merely by playing Fox News clips. But I thought the questions their moderators posed were amazingly precise, aimed at deeper questions Republican voters had for each in turn. Mr. Trump was not singled out, as far as I could see. Each candidate faced tough questions asking him to explain his worth to America as a candidate despite this fact or that statement. The debate began with a loaded question not posed by Ms. Kelly, whether any of the candidates could not rule out a third party run. Only one raised his hand. After that, Trump was on his own, but he chose it. His answers were evasive and not illuminating regarding any concrete policies or agenda. In fact, he sounded like a politician. After the dust settled, the subject of conversation has not been Marco Rubio’s appalling position on abortion, or Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham hawkish view that our military is too weak and war with Iran is desirable. The fact remains that the candidate discussed most in America post debate remains Donald Trump. Wake up America! Pay attention!

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