Sunday, May 15, 2016

Clever Bragging Rights

To anyone who loves good and humorous writing, check out the new Summer issue of Clever Magazine at You will find yours truly represented by not one but two stories! They might be familiar, having appeared first as blogs on this website: “42” and “Travel Rocks.” My own photo headlines “Travel Rocks” as well, featuring the traveling pair in question. Being listed alphabetically, I am at the top of the queue, ahead of a pleasantly long list of equally enjoyable works by a host of fine writers. Check it out! What a nice way for me to find my own way back to my blog! A special shout-out to Hanneke and Paul, whose gift inspired “Travel Rocks”; to Erik and Annemieke and Olaf and Anneke, whose hospitality put me there; and to my parents, who had me and had the foresight to have me at 42 Tromstraat all those years ago. By the way, if you take the number 42 and reverse the digits you get 24, then if you add 42 and 24 together you get 66, which is my age as I write this. The magic continues.

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