Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Trump Presidency Check-list

The Trump Presidency: What to Anticipate: If Americans think they gutted the System, they're wrong. They just handed it to the very people who willfully made it ineffective. Tyranny of the minority is about to take over. So I thought we should create a watch list of the things that we can look forward to in a Trump Presidency. Universal health care – dead. Tuition free college education – dead. Social Security – in jeopardy. Medicare – in jeopardy. A woman's right to choose –- in jeopardy. Civil liberties – on hold. Immigration reform – shelved. Humanitarian Actions – stopped. Religious freedom – curtailed. Income equality – “not my problem.” The minimum wage – held steady. Trade policies – up in the air. Bringing jobs back to America – outsourced. Tax cuts for the wealthy – day one. A balanced budget – fuggetaboutit. The Public Debt – increased exponentially. The credit rating with the world bank – lowered, if Trump tries to renegotiate or defaults on thedebt, or declares a federal bankruptcy. Funding for public access programs – cut. Military spending – increased. NATO – in jeopardy. Tensions with our allies – increased. The Iran nuclear treaty – withdrawn. Relations with Cuba – probably safe as long as Trump sees a business opportunity there. Climate change – ignored, denied, or worse, fired. The glass ceiling – repaired and restored. The Draft – reinstated. Watch this check-list. Add to it if you like. Maybe the Donald will rise to the job, maybe he will exercise and encourage reasonable policies to the benefit of all. Hard to see. I feel like a San Francisco 49er's fan who wears his team logo sweatshirt daily with pride. Oh, wait, I am that guy. People offer me their sympathy, but I'm on my own.

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