Monday, January 9, 2012

A Beggar In Montata

Welcome to the year 2012. We have seen the interesting and difficult 2011 pass away, and, oddly, the world did not look very different Sunday morning from how it looked on Saturday. I think I remember saying that 2010 was an interesting and difficult year, too. And 2009, 2008 . . .

I begin 2012 looking toward my writing, with some trepidation. To commit to the creation of a book length manuscript, as I have done, is daunting, as I am sure I have said. I also plague myself from time to time with doubt, that horrible monster that lurks in everyone’s closet. Will the book work out? Am I the right one to write it? Once written, can I sell it? Will anyone ever read it? Those doubts ring inside my head, sometimes more loudly than the voices begging me to write down their stories. And then there are other projects that await in the wings, so to speak, that would be easier to finish. And there are poems and reviews and stories I could be writing for Helium and other publishing alternatives. I have been ignoring that part of my craft.

Which brings me to something that occurred to me on New Year’s Eve, I need a patron. That would make life easier, and would allow me to focus on the writing much more intently than I do even now. I need to find a generous, flexible patron of the arts willing to gift me around $20,000 for the joy of seeing their name in the acknowledgements, or even in the dedication. If you know someone just itching to give that kind of kindness to a struggling writer, let me know. Better still, let them know my plight!

It could be two patrons at ten grand each, or five at just $4,000, or ten at two grand each, or twenty investing a thousand bucks in my future. Hey, if you don’t ask, you will never receive! Am I begging? No – I am offering solid product for any genuinely philanthropic human or humans who believe that artists and writers need to be encouraged.

To the patrons I do not have -- Wouldn’t that be nice?

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