Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Montana Milestone

My second blog of 2012 is an apology to my new home state of Montana. A major change has come to you, one that you have managed to avoid for your entire existence. Your population surpassed the one million mark, and I know that two immigrants from the Salinas Salad Bowl contributed to this new statistical level. Whether you are proud or a little disappointed, we, Diane and I, are a bit sorry but majorly glad to be here.

Now, for perspective, the entire state population is still less than the population of the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and just about the same as the city pf San Jose in California. The area we escaped from, Salinas, has 144,000 people all by itself and is considered a smaller town by California standards. So, Montana, we may be more than a million strong, but we’re still spread out, less stressed, and definitely more friendly on average, and want for nothing.

Now, as for winter! We are still waiting. Personally, I am not unhappy that there isn’t a foot of snow on my driveway, but we came up here expecting a long hard winter like they told us they had last year. It’s January and yesterday the thermometer tickled 50. many are promising that we will have a tough spell yet, but I am at the believe it when I see it stage. My friend Clint reassures me, though, that precipitation is at 80% of normal already, with the season still going strong, and the snowfall above 5000 feet will provide runoff for the summer. Last year they wound up with 175% of normal and flood issues.

It comes down to this: we added to the population and we may have brought a bit of moderate weather along with us as well. At least for now. Sorry, but not.

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