Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Ides of December, A Christmas Poem

December 15, 2013 Please note that the blog is not very friendly at dividing lines or I don;t know how to do it, so I have put slash marks at every line end, plus doubles for stanza ends. Hope it works for you all! Merry Christmas! The Ides of December// Beware the Ides of December!/ Elves scurry to and fro/ While Santa tries to remember/ All the places he must go.// In cities, the shoppers are crazy/ Trying to spread Christmas cheer./ No one has time to be lazy:/ Just ten days till Christmas is here!// The trees are all trimmed and lighted,/ The stockings await their payloads;/ Adults feel they should be knighted/ For secret surprises untold.// The animals out in the forest/ Take notice of all that we do,/ Foraging like they do for breakfast,/ Online or store to store in worn shoes.// The gifts all still need to be wrapped,/ The groceries need to be bought./ Children share dreams in Santa’s lap/ While his own hopes soon will be sought.// Santa is preparing his red sleigh,/ The elves loading the gifts and toys/ For all the less fortunate parents/ Who can’t treat their own girls and boys,// Because this is a celebration/ Especially for one child’s birth/ That’s bigger than any nation:/ For one day we see what has worth.// A toy train chugs around merrily,/ Hot cocoa and tea warm our hands=/ As we gather around our grand trees,/ Upright and proud on their stands// Like guardians keeping quiet vigil,/ Protecting us all as we sleep:/ They’re softly lit beacons of good will/ That guide Santa through the dark and deep.// So welcome the Fifteenth of December!/ Prepare for the ultimate feast!/ Keep burning that warm, glowing ember/ And celebrate the Child of Peace!

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