Friday, August 29, 2014

Ketchup: the brag blog

Catching up a bit: We’ve been gone for several weeks, but we are home again and happy to be so. In that time The American Aesthetic published my poem, “The Wait,” in its summer issue. I invite you all to check it out, as well as the seven other marvelous poets represented in the issue, by visiting their webpage (key in American Aesthetic or follow this link: Once again, I am beaming with pride. I also am beaming with pride over our three beautiful grandchildren. Xander is about to start First Grade, which will be an adventure, a challenge, and ultimately a journey of many, many steps. CharleeRose is already two and a half months old and smiling, cooing, and growing. And the latest edition to the group, Chase, is a beautiful little boy sadly far away. Our time with him was short but bewitching and though I do not miss the State of California, I have many people to miss there – and many reasons to go back for occasional visits. It was so good to see all of you we did, and we are sorry to have missed the chance to see the rest of you. Please know we think of you all with great affection in our hearts. So here we sit, Diane and I, side by side, in our home by Flathead Lake, watching over everyone as best we can in our humble way.

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