Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Leaving Montana for a California Dream

It is 5:27 am in Montana. This time of year the days are getting shorter visibly if you can get up early enough to watch the sun rise. Before I finish this blog, the morning light will begin to dawn and the cool nighttime star fest will go to bed for another day. It is a marvel to watch, a constant unfolding of time as I know it. Just about 24 hours from now Di and I will be boarding our flight to California to see Baby Chase. Another marvel of the clock ticking relentlessly onward is the countdown. People who know me know how much I love counting down, but not to a finish, always to a start. Montana has been our home for over three years now, and its marvels and welcomeness have kept us more than satisfied in most respects. I have not missed most of what makes California what it is – big. Montana is big but in a natural way. California is also naturally big, but it grew monstrous in its human beehive of activity and all the sorrows that come with that frenzied, pressured pace of living. I do miss the ocean, but I have my Flathead Lake (and no sharks lurking in its waters). I miss the rugged beauty but Montana has rugged beauty in triplicate. I miss my friends – and though I have friends and family here, it will be good to venture into the Golden State in order to see a few, at least, of you. And then come home.

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