Monday, October 27, 2014

Front Page News! (sort of)

October 27, 2014 Sorley Makes the Front Page Today is another great day. The Giants won last night, 5-0, behind Madison Bumgarner’s complete game shutout. And I made the front page of our local rag, the Daily Interlake. Okay, it’s not the cover of the Rolling Stone, and it’s not exactly a cover story – my picture and a hint at the story shows up on the bottom bar of the paper, with a nice article dominating Page Three. The article is called “Remembering Warrior Poets: Lakeside Author Inspired by WWI Soldiers.” Reporter Ryan Murray did a nice job with the text and Aaric Bryan’s photos show me in a good light. It is a flattering portrait and ego-inspiring for me. I may be small time, but I’m loud. Of course, I rushed over to the Interlake building and secured extra copies to spread around and use for bragging rights. I bought fifteen copies. The paper will make more money on me than I have, so far, on Charles Sorley’s Ghost. But poets love irony.

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