Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Front Page Follow Up: West Shore News

Moving up here to Montana has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made. Up here, we have time, and the results are showing: Diane has been crocheting beautiful garments (gloves, hats, scarves) and selling her work. It is a great tribute to the talent part of her knows she has but another part wants to dismiss. And I, of course, am writing nearly constantly. I like to say it this way: I’m almost 65 years old, and I’m just getting started! I feel like a living proverb: I plunked a pebble into the lake to see just how the ripples move. And I am the pebble. Ryan Murray neglected to tell me that his article on me would appear in The West Shore News today, as well as the Daily Interlake yesterday. This time the article truly begins on the front page, then continues on Page Three. Instead of my picture, this one features one of my poems. The West Shore News is a free paper for the residents of the area and people passing through. Murray’s article is essentially the same, but with enough changes and expansions, including quoting an entire poem by yours truly, that I feel as though I’ve tossed a second pebble, the ripples growing. I know that I am starting small, but I am starting. Where this goes, nobody knows, least of all me. For me, the wonder, the joy, and the work are a delight to live with and go through; after over fifty years with a pen in my hand, I look at my older work as the chance to build my legacy (as I told Mr. Murray), and with the new work to build upon it. And am I having a great time!

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