Friday, November 21, 2014

Riding the Whirlwind

A remarkable chain of events has reinforced my opinion that I can write. Last Sunday, Diane and I attended a concert with our friend Joop, of the Glacier Symphony. I blogged about the cocert on Monday with a deservedly glowing review. I had two aims in this: to pay tribute to what I honestly considered a marvelous performance from top to bottom; and to show my support for our local symphony. My friend Joop called me on Tuesday and strongly suggested that I adapt the material for a proper review, and submit it to the local newspaper, The Daily Inter Lake. I knew it would be an unsolicited, cold offering, but I liked the idea and decided to give it a go. I revised the review Tuesday evening and emailed it to the managing editor, Frank Miele, hopeful but expecting nothing to come of it. Of course, the paper had just run a feature on me for my poetry, so that familiarity may have helped. Frank emailed me Wednesday, saying he does not usually do reviews, but he liked mine, and rearranged things to get it in the Weekend Section, which came out Thursday. With my own byline! I have been on the fast track before, writing papers for a school teacher-imposed deadline (with a touch of procrastination pushing the envelope). But I have never been fast-tracked before, where from concert to blog to concept to publication, the process took only four days. For a writer, that’s the whirlwind.

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