Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fear of Monkeys Issue 20 - Mt Brag Blog

This one will be brief. I have a plan in mind for a lengthier, three part blog that I hope will be illuminating and season-appropriate, so please watch for it. But today is a brag blog. The Fear of Monkeys online magazine has again published one of my poems in their newest issue, Number 20, “The Banded Leaf Monkey,” out today. The poem is entitled “The Murderers Among Us.” Fear of Monkeys likes to publish politically relevant poetry, and this is the third time one of my poems has graced its pages. So check out the website, and find me there! By the way, Kevin is still doing well. But please send your positive energies to my daughter-in-law Holli’s dad and my good friend Frank, who will have open heart surgery tomorrow morning.

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