Monday, December 8, 2014

Kevin in Print

Tomorrow I may get political again, but today I just want to share a brief blog of self-congratulations and an encouragement to all of you. You all saw my blog a few days ago about a Saint, a Shovel, a Train and a Cat. Dianne Kochenburg of Clever Magazine liked the bit about Kevin the Cat enough to refit her Winter Issue after it “went to bed” and published it, plus a photo of Kevin with our grandson Xander that I took when both were considerably younger. As an added bonus, alphabetically I am at the top of her contributor list. As Dianne so kindly put it, this is a wonderful Christmas story. Ah, the wonder of digital publishing! So please check out the issue and support Dianne’s wonderful work in general, by going to And by the way, Kevin is his old self again. Right now he has managed to position himself on my lap under my laptop, enjoying being close to me and warmed by the heat coming off the laptop. Our house is at peace.

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