Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Buyer Beware: Anti Wrinkle Scam

I don't usually write about specific products, but I want you all to know: On December 31, 2014, my wife and I saw an internet advertisement from Foresight Media on behalf of Ojas Enterprises, LLC, in Newurgh, NY, for Ayur Skin Cream and Wrinkless Cream, touted as a wonder product supposedly approved by both Doctor Oz and Ellen DeGeneres. The ad offered a 30 day free trial for just the cost of shipping. We proceeded to place an order and submit our credit card information, once for each product. The product arrived on January 8, 2015. When we opened the boxes we found an invoice. On the invoice we were informed that by accepting the free offer we were automatically enrolled in their Premiere Club. This meant that the company would send us refills every two months and automatically charge our account. There was nothing in the free trial offer about this club. The letter further stated that the company would not accept any refused packages, and that returns had to have an authorization code given by the company and were subject to a $10 restocking fee per item returned. Nowhere in the letter or in the original advertisement could we find the actual price of the items. Not wanting to be on some automatic program before we even had a chance to discover whether we liked the product or not, we called the company. I talked to a young lady named Aubrey Kay. When I asked for her last name she refused to give it, stating company policy did not allow it. I asked her to remove us from the automatic program. Verbally, she told me she had done so before the call ended, and that we could use the trial product with the company’s compliments. In the meantime I received emails from the company stating that my requests were under consideration. This aroused our suspicions, so today I called to confirm that we were indeed removed from the automatic program. As chance would have it, Aubrey Kay answered. She confirmed that we had indeed been removed from the automatic program. She then went on to tell me that our free trial period was ending today, two weeks after the order was placed but only one week after receipt of the products and not the thirty days stated in the original ad. Since the shipment was actually a sixty say supply, had we not responded today we would have been billed for the full amount -- $99 for one and $130 for the other – and that amount taken from our account automatically. In essence there is no free trial. If this is not strictly illegal, it is certainly questionable practice. It is a scam intended to trap unassuming customers into an expensive program that will remove money from their accounts before they have a chance to stop it. We feel we were misled and lied to, and that you have a right to know Foresight Media practices its business in this manner

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