Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl and Writing Best Sellers

Super Bowl and Best Sellers: Now that the Great American Holiday has run its yards and the 2014-15 Holiday Season is finally over, I can get back to my own stuff. There still are plenty of distractions to tempt me, and there is that last play by the Sea Hawks to talk about for the next six months or so. But it’s time to move past Deflategate and “The Choke” and prepare to tackle the Great American Bestseller which I have not yet written. Would be nice, though. Winter seems to have hit the plains hard, and is rushing at the East Coast with full vigor. Up here, the snow has changed, and I think Winter is done. We have seen “snowbirds” (birds who fly away for winter) dancing in our back yard. We have seen woodpeckers – and heard them. We have even seen the grass that has been lying protected by the warmth of layers of snow – think igloos – although yesterday we did have a light dressing of fresh white stuff. Temperatures are rising slowly. It feels more like Spring; even the snow feels like a Spring snow. And Spring is when old men like me turn their fancy to writing that next book. So, as they say, watch for it! Meanwhile, the world turns and turns. There are times when I wonder about my place in all of it. I guess many of us wonder the same thing. Then I remember something I learned back when I was teaching Baptismal Catechesis, back when I called myself a Catholic during the twelve year journey I took learning and living that faith. Although I found myself at odds with organized religion, all organized religion, the teachings that laid the foundation for it remain valid. I learned that each of us is charged with taking care of our own corner of the world, and that’s all. Keep your corner clean, each over your own back yard. Some of us have small yards. Some have yards as big as the world. As for myself, my back yard, my corner seem to be taking care of me just now – which lets me try to expand my horizons. National Football has become as powerful a religion as any in America, but I am still trying to figure out what lessons it is trying to impart.

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