Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cataracts and the Vote

The world seems to be going on splendidly without me, for the moment. I have been unable and uninspired to write of late, although I have kept one watchful eye on the world’s events while the other eye heals. I had cataract surgery on the 11th on my right eye, and the healing process has been slow and a bit frustrating. Still, the eye gets better every day. Tomorrow I have the second eye done, and, given the experience of the past six days, I expect to be pretty much restricted visually for some time. So many kind people I know, who have had great success with this surgery, and who anticipate great things for me, neglected to inform me, or simply forgot after the fact, that the visual miracle might not be immediate. And, being both anxious and impatient by nature, I have been somewhat of a bear to be around for the past week – and not a hibernating one! So I anticipate that I will not be writing for a short while. The world will go on. Somehow. I do take solace that, even on the worst day of my visual life, I see more clearly than our current batch of Republican Senators. Surgery won’t help them. Surgical removal might help the country – i.e., VOTING. The American people have the opportunity to perform said surgery every two years, if they show up. To not vote is to be truly myopic.

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