Saturday, March 7, 2015

Recovery, Rehab, and Re-writes

Been a While -- I am sitting in my living room watching NCIS and resting up after carrying our Christmas decorations in their big plastic storage tubs to my outside shed. I worked for about an hour, first having to evict Jumpy the Squirrel from the warm, cozy shed – which meant shoveling out all the pine cones he managed to store in there over the last two months. I had evicted him before, several times, but he is stubborn and persistent. He is also angry with me: he squawked and squeaked at me while I was doing the deed, from the tree directly above the shed. Then, after I had come back inside, he stood on the railing just outside the front door like a soldier on guard. It has been a while since I have felt like sitting down to write. It has been four weeks and a day since my heart attack and resultant stent surgery, two since I began cardio therapy, an intensive personal training program at the Summit, prescribed by my cardiac doctor. On Wednesday I undergo cataract surgery on one eye, a week later on the other. In many ways, I have given myself up to my medical needs – for now. And though I often feel guilty for not working on the real work, I am enjoying the time. I call it recovery, though that sounds way too serious. When I see the other patients in the rehab program I realize how fortunate I am. For 65 years old, I am in pretty good shape and pretty strong to boot. Except, of course, for the heart attack and clogged artery. And, of course, the heart attack revealed the clogged artery, and that artery is no longer clogged. So, therefore, I am in pretty good health. The best part is the pain I experienced almost daily during the year and a half before the incident is gone. Now, that’s something to write about.

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