Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bonus Blog: DVR Watch - 2B Vegg'd 2B

DVR Watch: 2B vegg’d 2B: Television has dominated my waking hours for months now. Among the distractions that have allowed me to avoid the keyboard have been a series of series that I have been following. Where once I considered network television to have become a wasteland where, at best, a show I liked would be cancelled within weeks of its premiere, I suddenly have found myself hooked on current programming. It reached the point where I cannot wait for a season to finish so I can rent it on Netflix for binge watching; I record it week by week on my DVR as it broadcasts, usually watching within 24 hours and then anxiously awaiting next week’s show. The weekend is especially nice, and busy, with a total of nine shows ready to view. Fortunately, or unfortunately, most are winding down, so maybe I will eek out more time for myself. In other words, maybe I’ll get my discipline back. The nine shows are 4 B’s, 2 G’s, a V, an E and a D. Two finished this week, and one goes away next. They are Bones, Backstrom, Blacklist, Broadchurch, Grimm, Graham Norton, Vikings, Elementary and Dig. Broadchurch (about a small English town rocked by a brutal murder, Season One, and the killer’s trial, Season 2) and Vikings (about Vikings) ended their seasons on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively and brilliantly. For intense drama I recommend streaming them from Netflix first chance you get. Warning: Vikings is brutally violent, but no more so than Game of Thrones. I am most sorry about the end of Backstrom: it won’t be back in the fall, succumbing to mixed reviews and the competition of that other 8pm Thursday show, the brilliant Blacklist. If it weren’t for DVR, I would have had a difficult time choosing which to watch. Bones is solid; Elementary (about a modern day NYC based Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick, Jane Watson) highly entertaining, and Grimm, although sometimes plagued by subplots that take far too long to tell, remains solid storytelling. Graham Norton is a talk show from Great Britain that we have been watching on BBC America for years. Only Dig disappoints; it could have been so much more than watching the talented Jason Issacs run around Jerusalem. But now the seasons are over or ending and the summer rentals are coming. As the weather warms up, maybe I can go outside from time to time.

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