Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Did You Know? Wild Turkeys

Not sleeping well …hip barking…nurses at rehab seem to think I’m really really strong for a heart guy, so they want me to do more, more, more when I want to do less, less, less. Oh, well. Missing that stupid cat. I get a joyous feeling every day now, when the Toms march down our driveway trying to impress the hens and the other Toms. I think there is nothing as spectacular as a wild turkey on full display. They spread their feathers wide, walk with a strong dose of pride, and their colors are more magnificent than an iridescent rainbow. It is something to see. And yet the girls look at them as if to say, “Yeah, so? We’ve seen it all before. Where are the flowers?” And it makes me wonder, silently, of course, why it is that in formal gatherings of human beings, the men all dress the same but the women show off a wide variety of color and style. I guess human beings are different. And I guess a female human can readily spot a suit from Armani over one from the Men’s Warehouse. But give me a wild turkey any day. Along with a healthy shot of Jack Daniels. Did you know – and this is my inaugural blog with that theme – that Benjamin Franklin wanted the wild turkey to be named the national bird of the new United States of America? In 1784 he wrote an essay calling the Bald Eagle something of a coward and thief, while in comparison, although a bit vain and silly at times, the Turkey was courageous, would not back down from a fight, and would serve as a better mascot. Also, he was no alien bird: he was truly American. Franklin lost the debate on this one, but I raise a glass to him nonetheless.

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