Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Saw It on Fox News

Did you know that more people watch Fox News than any other 24-hour cable TV news station, more in fact than MSNBC and CNN combined? Fox is very proud of this, but the statistic is deceptive. There are few alternatives for conservative viewers, and there are liberal viewers who check in with Fox on a daily basis to “understand the enemy.” In fact, a third of regular MSNBC viewers also watch Fox, and conversely, an almost equal number go the other way. Keeping things relative, network news (NBC, ABC and CBS) far outstrip Fox, which draws slightly less than three million viewers a day. One in four Americans watch cable news, although they are likely to watch for twice as long as network-only viewers. From my understanding, 29% of cable news viewers watch Fox, which means that 71% don’t. That’s roughly the ratio of land to ocean on the planet Earth, except for California, where there is no water left. All this gives me hope for America, but, of course, Fuller House is coming, with John Stamos taking over for Hugh Laurie in the title role. And if you believe that, you probably saw it on Fox News.

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