Monday, February 29, 2016

Super Tuesday: Casting the Die

In a few hours from this writing, Super Tuesday will be done and the votes will be counted. It looks very much like Donald Trump, the man everyone thought was a joke of a candidate just eight months ago, will have an insurmountable lead in Republican delegates for the nomination of his reluctant party for the office of the President. He may even find himself with clear majorities in several states, and if Ted Cruz does badly in Texas, I think it fair to say even he won't hang on forever. Marco Rubio made the observation that Trump under-performed in Nevada last week, which is coming from a guy who only got 22% to Trump's 46. Like him or not, Trump is the front runner and no one will dislodge him from that position on March 1. On the other side, Hillary Clinton seems almost as unbeatable among Democrats as Trump among Republicans. Two major differences appear: she has only one opponent in Bernie Sanders, and Sanders stands as a beacon for ideas that need expressing, not diatribes about sweat glands and what might or might not be hiding in tax returns. It seems only one thing is left to do now: get people out to vote. Democrats are convinced that high voter turnout translates into Democratic victories. Maybe having Trump running against their eventual candidate will help galvanize voters across the board into acting, and maybe, just maybe, if they come out in solid numbers, the Democrats can retake the Senate and maybe even the House. After all, politics as usual has not worked out well for the majority of Americans of late, and politics as usual has been dominated by a Republican-ruled Congress in both Houses. It doesn't matter who is President of the United States if Congress remains obstructionist. If we wake up to that fact, we can vote for change. If we don't, we deserve what we get.

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