Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Back on line

It's been a while since last I blogged. The world has not changed much in the bargain, just matured, or at least gotten older. Erik and Annemieke came to visit from Holland and spent 22 days with us, including a trip down to Yellowstone and several day trips to Glacier, two of the most incredible spots in the entire world and thankfully protected by far-sighted politicians (in 1876 and 1910, respectively).

They are back home now, safe and sound. I think of their visit as a 22 day summit, the SM2 (for two silly men), during which e addressed every conceivable problem facing mankind and discovered solutions to at least two of them (hint: good coffee is key). Alas, no one else was listening and the Bushmill's has clouded my memory of our brilliant and profound conversations. It was a good visit filled with many perfect days together. But reality is back, and, like I said, it hasn't changed much.

This makes me debate where I want to go with my very first blog in over six weeks.
There are so many issues to discuss.

The fact is, the first day after they left, Diane and I spent recovering as if we were the ones with jet lag. Day two was a holiday and we went to see the very disappointing Dark Shadows. We had gone to see Marigold Hotel with Erik and Annemieke on the Saturday before they left and werew reminded of what a really good film could be, making the Burton-Depp effort that much more lame. Then Tuesday Di went back to work and I found myself alone in the house for the first time in 24 days. i was not in gear. i spent my day in busiwork. I wrote five movie reviews. I made dinner. The day sort of escaped. The next day was better although I have not yet touched either my own book or the one I've been asked to go over. Ah, well, tomorrow is another day. I heard that somewhere.

So. Issues. Boring. I just hope everyone went out to vote here in Montana and wherever else there's a primary election being held. I say that because, as I have said before, there are only a handful of ways that the average citizen actually can participate in the direction that government takes, and even if the power is slight, not using it at all is an insult to those who bled so we could have rights as individuals. Individuality is sacrocanct.

So, let's talk baseball!

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