Monday, June 18, 2012

The Joke's On Them

A brief blog is better than no blog, I suppose. I have prepared a few blogs ahead, and yet find myself not using them today. Instead I sit here typing blissfully after a long morning and early afternoon of chores, particularly stretching our earnings to maximize our food larder for the upcoming week. It is a dance we all know too well, but I have to admit that it;s fun to spend money.

It's not so much fun to spend a set, limited amount, and make the most of it. But that's okay . . . as they like to say up here, it is what it is. Since our bankruptcy we have sworn off credit cards altogether. The offers keep coming -- rebuild your credit; zero APR for nine months; up to $3000 credit limit. I have to admit the offers are tempting, briefly, especially when they come between paychecks and annuity payments, which seems to be twelve out of every fourteen days.

But they are as evil as ever. The temptation quickly goes away when you see that the APR after the introductory period will be 22.99 percent -- in some cases as high as 29.99 -- variable depending on the prime lending rate. Yeah, the credit card companies know I'm a sap from my past history, but if they think they're doing me a favor with highway robbery and rape in the bargain, they have to be more delusional than I ever was.

We put ourselves on the opt out list -- no more pre-screened credit card offers will come in the mail. I will miss them. It's gotten to the point where they just make me laugh.

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