Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Supreme Court Decision

The Court has ruled. Obamacare is law.

Already Republicans are screaming, making it sound as though the Supreme Court acted in a partisan way to destroy health care and create an additional million jobless Americans in the bargain, while raising taxes. They clamor that they will repeal the law at the first opportunity. What they forget is that it is virtually impossible to repeal a law that has been passed by both houses of Congress, signed by the President, and upheld by the Court -- the legislative tridacta.

Obamacare is law. Get over it.

What remains now is to understand what the law means and how it affects each of us in turn. The first thing to remember is that the so-called tax, the penalty for not aquiring some level of coverage, does not take effect until 2014 -- giving anyone who does not have health care over a year to figure it all out and make an informed decision. Second, this is not universal health care the way FDR envisioned and the Clintons tried to make real. This is watered down -- by the same Republicans who claim it is too much, in compormises with the Democrats who claim it is too little. I personally believe the legislation does not go far enough, but it is the first successful attempt at trying to equalize the playing field for all Americans while reigning in the overblown, profit-driven insurance companies. It is not perfect. But, then, neither are we.

Much good can come from Obamacare. The opposition has to realize that it is time to suck it up and accept the law of the land. Challenge it through appropriate channels, of course, you have that right. But in the meantime, help make it work.

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