Sunday, August 5, 2012

Applebee's Fails The Course

Once upon a time, there was a safe place for a Weight Watcher to go to dine out, with reasonable prices, good service and a decent selection of friendly items on the menu.

No more.

The last time I was in our local Applebee’s, they had cut their Points Plus menu selections from seven to three, as well as reduced the 550 calorie selections. Left were high point choices (12 Points Plus) and items not to our taste. So we decided if we have to go to a restaurant and have to struggle to get a meal that wouldn’t entirely undo our daily plan, it may as well be a better place than Applebee’s.

Besides, we have found that most better restaurants are glad to accommodate, if they can and almost anyone can grill a chicken breast or a nice salmon fillet, toss a salad and provide the dressing on the side, sometimes even fat free.

Or I just won’t go out.

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