Friday, August 3, 2012

Olympic Blog

Hats off to our Olympians! The performances in the pool, and in gymnastics, are truly inspiring. Special congrats to Michael Phelps, and to precious woman's team captain Rebecca Soni. But all the swimmers have been a delight to watch, and medals have gone all around the team, and a Dutchwoman, with the delightfully complicated name Kromowidjojo, even snuck in there to boost my dual loyalties!

And good on Gabby, and our women's rowing team, and great praise for all you Olympains who did not place -- each and every one of you placed, just to get there.

So how about Team USA whacking Nigeria, 156-73? The American basketball all stars won by ten points more than the Nigerians scored -- it was like watching the Harlem Globetrotters play a high school team. Not to take away from the Nigerians, because I have been on the receiving end of games like that, so outmatched and unbalanced that you almost feel like you didn't show up, and yet there you were, giving it all you had, your heart in your throat.

It's like hunting the fox with a division of Panzer tanks. If you can't flosh him, you flatten the bushes. Where is the competition? The even playing field? The sport? We're watching a bunch of millionaires running everybody over, showing off both their power and their arrogance, proverbial lords of the manner.

Is anyone else profoundly embarrassed? I find myself rooting AGAINST Team USA.

Give me the women's swim team. They seem like true sportsmen, happy for each other and supportive of their hard work, and gracious toward compeditors from other countries. You get the feeling these women realize and appreciate that they all are doing the same thing, trying to do their best and then let the medals fall where they may. They are pleased just to compete, and competing is the operative word.

Friendly competition. Among equals. Around the world.

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