Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Red Moon Rising

Last evening the moon was red as it rose over the Swan Mountains. Some might take that as an evil omen, but I know the reason is smoke in the air from the many forest fires raging south of us. But it could have been the GOP platform planks rising up and revealing themselves.

Yes, the GOP Convention is in full swing even as Hurricane Issac breezed by Tampa. Maybe the hot air present among all the politicians preparing to speak pushed the storm further west, I don't know. It might be a method for warding off future tropical storms -- someone should look into that.

Just as I was complaining that there is no difference between the parties, the Republicans began to open their mouths. The GOP has decided to underscore the differences between "right" and "left" by drawing a line in the sand within the line they drew when they declared, "No new taxes."

They are officially the party of No.

No on abortion. No on same sex marriage. No, of course, on taxes. No on cooperative government, bipartisanship and compromise. No on Medicare. No on Social Security. No on universal health care. No, no, no ----- their voice will extend to a policy of not simply saying NO MORE, but also to YES LESS. They want to take back. Under attack: health care, elder rights, gay rights, minority rights, a woman's right to choose.

Meanwhile the American infrastructure is crumbling. President Obama has done what he can in a combative Washington, but the Republicans depend on our short memories. They say he didn't fix things, forgetting their role in creating the mess they passed on to him. It's as if they are saying, hey, we gave the Black kid his chance and he's blown it. Give it back to us now.

We are at a crossroads. The election in November has grown into one of monumental importance and the choice is actually crystal clear because neither party seems able to find the middle anymore. So we must choose which road we want to follow -- forward, or backward? Turning right, you head back the way we came. Turning left, you head into the unknown where adventure, chance and hope reside. Neither road is safe. You decide.

And if you are blue collar, female, gay, a member of a minority, or at or near retirement age, I cannot believe that Republican Red is your color. Blue is so much cooler.

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