Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Saturday Poem, this one's by me

This one is my own, for what it’s worth. HAPPY EASTER TO ALL, and a reflective one, too.// FORGIVING THE ROMANS (4-17-14)// And would you think// The Christ I know,// Mounted on his cross,// Candidate Divine// For corpsehood,// Looking through// His own blood// At Golgotha -----// Would you think He// Would clamor for revenge,// Like an army sent// To kill another// For the sake of those// Replaced? Not mine:// No God that sweet// Nor Messenger// Sought to avenge// Even as the power lay// At his hammered feet.// Yet all those times,// Cringing from// The fingernails torn// Across the chalkboard// Spelling “History,”// With supposed men of God// Leading the chorus,// “Gloria, Gloria, March!”// An incessant sickness// Corrupting our free will// As cancer corrupts// Each cell it enslaves -----// Even then the Chosen One// Endured and did not// Kill.

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