Monday, June 1, 2015

USA: the Most Christian Nation

The Most Christian Nation: Did you know that 70% of Americans consider themselves Christian? The number varies from study to study, but seems solid enough. That makes us the most Christian nation in the world. But the number is slipping, slowly. In fact, the fastest growing group among those asked is “non-affiliated.” This includes atheists, agnostics, free-thinkers, and all people who do not attach themselves to any particular faith, whether spiritual or not. “Non-affiliated” has grown by over 6% since 2007 and is actually the single largest category now, eclipsing the largest single faith choice among Christians, Catholic. Some Christian pundits are alarmed by this trend, but it appears to be a natural outgrowth of a maturing society that, hopefully, practices what it preaches in terms of religious tolerance, even tolerating non-belief. Incidentally, the Moslem population in America makes up barely 1%. Did you know that the largest Moslem nation in the world is not in the Middle East at all? It is Indonesia, which is 88% Muslim with over 200 million. And did you know that there are a million and a half Christians in Iraq? Another unspoken aspect of our blunder: Under Saddam Hussein, Christians in Iraq were free to worship as they wished. Hussein – awful as admittedly he was – did not mix politics and religion. According to This World on BBC News, May 24 2015 edition, with Saddam removed and secular chaos ensuing, that 1.5 million Christians have become targets of persecution, thanks largely to “Christian America,” which unleashed the chaos. It begs the question so many ask rhetorically: is the world better off with Hussein gone? Really? Does American hypocrisy know no bounds?

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