Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everything Old Is New Again

My Dutch Uncle Hennie is very sick. In fact, he's dying. He started dying three years ago of prostate cancer but now the cancer has spread. He does not have very long. He is 79, and the last of my father's ten brothers and sisters. When he passes, that entire generation will be gone.

This will make my brother the oldest living Blokker, a distinction he probably could do without. I understand. I just turned 60 yesterday and have been at the same job for 31 plus years (something I would have laughed at you for suggesting would happen, back in the day) I rank Number 5 among all the letter carriers in all of Salinas, California. Being Number One is not something to which I aspire. It is more comfortable being in the top ten. Even firmly. In my family, as the dust settles and my brother and my generation slip into the top bracket, I will still be way down on the seniority list.

That's fine with me.

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