Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brief Weather Report

Hello everyone! Tonight politics takes a day off in the Blokker household. I am more excited about the Giants' stunning victory last night than the fact that the Presidential debates are in the bag for better or worse. It's more fun to write about what I call the revenge of 1987. In '87 the Giants were up three games to two in the NLCS and had hammered nine homers against Card pitching, but the Cards shut them down in Games 6 and 7, allowing narry a run. In this year's NLCS the Cards were up three games to one, and this time the Jints shut them down, outscoring them 20-1 in the final three tilts and getting a well earned ticket to the World Series. The only damper for the City By The Bay was the rain -- the last three outs came in a downpour. Since a post season game, by rule, cannot be called before nine innings are played, and the umpires knowing this kept the game going so it would not have to resume the next day with three outs to go and the result a foregone conclusion. That same rain storm wound up dropping two feet of snow in the mountains of California and covered the entire northwest with weather. The snow began to fall here in Lakeside right around nine, gently but insistently. By this morning the snow had stopped falling, but what had fallen managed to gather into about four inches of fresh pack. And, yes, I got my snow shovel from the shed and cleared off both porches and the walkways and driveway, just as if this were the middle of winter! Olaf and Erik, I got some great shots right from my Sun Room window in the bargain!

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