Saturday, October 20, 2012

In A Spare Moment

It is a beautiful autumn afternoon here in Lakeside, Montana. The sky is a mixture of clouds and blue skies, and the wild turkeys just paid a visit, passing through on their way up the hill to find something to eat easier to grab than grubs off our grass. The grass is short; I mowed it for probably the last time this year a few days ago. Jumpy the Squirrel and JR (Jumpy Redux) are chittering away, busily gathering nuts and bits of bread for winter storage in one of the tall trees adorning our yard. They seem happy in their work, scampering and sqwaking as they go about their business. It is a good day to ignore politics and other worldy events and hunker down with a lovely espresso brewed tenerly by my bride. Nice to write about the quiet. We are awaiting more guests from California, but we have no idea when they plan to arrive. It is frankly a little annoying that they have not made the effort to clarify their plans or their ETA, or if they are even getting here today. I know that we have no real plans for the day, but if we had we would have had to put them on hold, and besides, we have a lovely meal prepared for guests who may or may not make it. One call would have sufficed -- please let this be a message to all of you that it is only polite, if you've made arrangements with someone, especially long distance, to let them in on your progress so they can prepare. But that's just me. It does give me a few minutes to write about the weather.

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