Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Writing about Hitler

It feels so odd to stay away from my craft for so long -- to be too busy to write. I am at a point where the writing is so crucial to who I am that suspending it normally would lead me into a minefield of frustration, dispair and outright grumpiness. But no -- I'm having too much fun! Since May Di and I have had an almost steady stream of guests, including Erik and Annemieke from Holland, the McPalmer crew from California, Olaf and Anneke also from Holland (and their very first trip to America), Brenda and Bill from California with two cats in tow, and this upcoming weekend, if the weather holds, part of the de Bord clan. People want to come to Montana. Nobody ever wanted to come to Salinas. In the middle of that, we traveled to Oregon for niece Myra's marvellous wedding, at which we got to see all four of Diane's siblings and their significant others and many other friends and family. Busy having fun indeed! I did manage to finish the second draft of my novel between Dutch visitations, but I have not looked at it since September 1. The third and hopefully final draft awaits me, as well as plenty of material for several more long projects. Then there are the poems, short stories and articles I want to write. And my blogs, which serve as both a journal and an outlet for my political opinions, and which keep me in contact with all of you, call to me daily. I love being so busy! But, as I have said in the past, a writer will use almost any excuse not to write, and a retired person finds himself way too busy to do anything resembling work. It's the post season in baseball, which always distracts me at least as mong as my Yankees are in the running (not looking so good right now) and especially if the Giants are vying too (looking a little better after yesterday's win). Then there is Netflix, which allows Diane and myself to view entire TV series in a stream. Right now we're caught up by "Deadwood," with "Homeland," "Fringe" and "House" on the horizon and the ninth season of our favorite geriatric detective show, "New Tricks," finally available. And there's politics. You know my views. The debate is on tonight and I can't help but wonder of the President will be able to dislodge Mitt Romney from some of his falsehoods. I also can't believe, that any middle class American, or woman, or minority member, would vote against their own interests, but that is what it will take to elect Romney President. But we live in a diverse and fascinating country, wherein I have seen at least one Black male Mormon Republican. But I digress. I often do. It's fun, after all. I started writing about writing, and I hope to get back into full swing by World Series Game One and well before the anxious night of November 6. Writing about Adolph Hitler may alleviate some of my stress. At any rate, the creative juices are stirring, and there are many stories to tell.

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