Monday, October 22, 2012

News and Notes

Today's blog is sort of a personal miscellany. First, I have to say that humble pie is not very tasty or satisfying but sometimes you have to eat it. The second half of my last blog was a bit of a gripe fest, and now, as it turns out, I was unreasonably unforgiving. The fact appears to be that all of the State of Idaho is a dead zone when it comes to cell phone reception. Add car trouble to the mix, and I wind up asking for their forgiveness for my attitude. Plus, the visit went really, really well, and it was good to see them all after a very long time. Other matters: when the Catholic Church demands not to have to pay to cover health care costs for contraception, I understand their point of view. After all, I pay taxes and have no say about where my money is spent. I have a religious and moral objection to military spending, so I now demand that my tax dollars be spent on things to which I do not object. Like education, PBS and NPR, oh, and univeral healthcare including everything that helps support a woman's right to choose. And if any of my tax dollars go to the Catholic Church, I hereby withdraw them. An observation about the minimum wage: If I did the math right, given the Federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour and the poverty level for 2012 for a family of four is $23,050, to earn that amount in a year at the minimum wage, it would take approximately 397 days at eight hours a day. Ask Paul Ryan if THAT math adds up. Now, for the virtual tie in the upcoming Presidential race -- WTF???? I mean, if Obama has a sizable lead among women and minorities, how can he possibly lose even if white males are overwhelmingly voting for the Great White Hope? It is a sad state of affairs that so many people are ready to vote against their own interests just because the incumbent is the worng color. But, then, we did re-elect George Bush and most of us are finding ourselves having survived that chronic illness. We just have forgotten who the doctor is. Part of the problem, I think, comes from the non-reality of our two party system. The Republicans have shown again and again that they are a Party -- solid, unified, determined to undermine the opposition at the expense of everybody else. On the other side, the Democrats are a coalition, everybody welcome, but without a solid voice. Given the dynamic, no matter who becomes president in 2012, we're in for four more years of Washington Gridlock. Finally today, I am happy to report that I am back in print with three very short stories on Black Heart Magazine. The link is: Paste it in and enjoy!

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