Thursday, February 9, 2012

Being Busy

Dear Ones,

I haven't written for two days. I needed the mental break, having just finished transcribing all my notes for Ghost Music. That's just phase one; now I have to blend that material with other material that suits it and gives it plot and development, to make it a novel. This will take time and feels like a daunting task. Part of me is digesting all that stuff and hoping it comes together into a cohesive, moving and entertaining whole.

I am also in the middle of trying to set up AMBER WAVES as a hand copy paperback book through CreateSpace. This is a bit tricky for a first time self-publisher, so I am going slowly and carefully. But the reward will be a real, tangible book for sale along with the Kindle version.

I also am trying to piece together a chapbook of poetry for Kindle. My nephew and good buddy and fellow Silly Man Erik says I should keep it to between 25-40 poems, when I was thinking 100. I now think the middle ground, around 60, will be where I settle. I am also trying to bring some of his artwork if I can to the project.

Then there is my grandson. I watched him on Tuesday for a few hours and he takes all my attention, gladly. At one point he spontaneously climbed onto my lap, grabbed me for a big bear hug, held on tightly and said, "You're so beautiful!"
He melts my heart.

Then, there is tax season to consider. Don't get me started on THAT. Or politics. At least not today!

I guess I am telling you all this so I can give myself a break about taking a break. It's a busy life. Sometimes it seems too busy, but after all, it does beat the alternative. And even sorrow can bring me joy.

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