Saturday, February 18, 2012

TV Wasteland's Top 25

Is anyone besides me in the least bit curious why "Once Upon A Time." the ABC fairy tale re-do, consistently makes TV's top 25 watched shows for the week, while NBC's superior "Grimm" faces an outlook that is, well, grim? What is this saying about American television? Of course, the week I checked last was topped by two episodes of "American Idol." Two other spots were taken by reruns of "NCIS" and "The Mentalist" In fact, seven of the 25 slots were covered by reruns and one by the Pro Bowl. It makes me wonder if the public will watch anything. Or maybe we're starved for a new "Roots" or other bit of captivating programming.

I have something they could use, of course . . .

And turning to Brit TV is not a good idea -- remembering Coupling? SyFy has their version of "Being Human," but I watch the BBC original on BBC America. In all fairness to the Americans, I have not seen a single episode although I heard they do a fine job, but why watch the same show twice, one dubbed?

I have heard more than one philosopher say that there are no original thoughts out there. Television, at least the Network variety, seems to verifty this maxim. But I think there is plenty of good material that can be made into effective viewing,

In fact, I have something they could use.

Call me.

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