Monday, February 13, 2012

My Alter-Ego Wants His Own Book

Sometimes, it's hard to know what to write. This is rare, I admit, since i am a man of many opinions on many things and rarely am at a loss for words. Evidence -- look how many words I have used so far, and said nothing!

I could talk more about taxation, or health care, or the waning of America, but I feel a bit more upbeat this evening. I don't know why. Maybe it's going through old material of mine and discovering that I still like the stuff, that, yes, maybe I am as good as I want to be at writing stories. We shall see. But while working on Ghost Music I have come across older material that I thought would blend into the GM storyline, only to discover that this project may stand on its own. It will share characters with GM -- in fact, it shares one with AMBER WAVES. I see that quite a bit in writers, that they fall in love with certain characters and allow them to be our voice to the world. My voice, my alter-ego of sorts, may surprise you.

You'll have to read the book.

Anyway, it looks like GM might morph into several inter-connected but stand-alone books. If that's the case I will be happily writing and re-writing for decades! As I approach my 62nd birthday, it;s nice to have such job security. Money security is another matter. it is also nice to know that I have to stick around for those decades to do the work justice.

I am up for, and up to the task. I just how all of you will be patient.

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