Sunday, February 12, 2012

Claiming Our Inheritance

Thank you, Carol. Your point is well taken when you say:

It is a sad commentary that we live in the only "civilized" country in the world that does not provide health care for its citizens. Not one of the few .. the ONLY.

Carol B

What is happening in America is criminal -- criminal neglect. Live with your illusions: the only thing that matters here is what you can do for Corporate. Your value as a human being does not matter, or matters in reverse proportion to what you can contribute. This puts the cart before the horse, as far as I can see. Keeping our countrymen healthy and happy will promote economic growth; economic growth should not dictate individual value.

I know other systems of economics-slash-government have their problems and their share of disgruntled citizens, but at least they're healthier than we fast-food placated, empire-driven Americans.

I love this country. I am saddened by the sinking standard of living here. I do not see how increasing profit margins for insurance companies that are reluctant to pay the people back does anything but hurt America. We hobble ourselves with a Congress determined to do nothing useful, by holding onto a misguided understanding of the American Dream that itself dengrates that dream, and by sitting by and doing nothing while a handful of unreality-based politicians strive to promote only one thing -- themselves.

We can get America back on track, but first we have to get America back at all.

And by the way, what exactly is WRONG with free universal healthcare?????

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