Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's Wage War On Iran

It's Iran's fault. Gas prices are climbing faster than they fell over winter, and Americans can expect to pay upward of around $5 per gallon by Memorial Day. The experts cite uncertainty in the Middle East over Iran's nuclear program as the cause; in other words, speculation is driving up the price of gas. We can look at this two ways: either oil interests are taking advantage of the high media upset to gouge us; or, the media upset at being gouged will prepare us for yet another war designed to liberate a people from the terrible government that is not cooperating with the United States. In other words, Iran is bringing US wrath down upon their heads and I expect that we will have our soldiers, freshly home from Iraq, back in the saddle again by September, faster if Israel jumps the gun.

Turns out that Iranian oil imports are a small fraction of what we buy here, but a larger component of European oil supplies, so if the Europeans have to look elsewhere for more fuel then in turn America will have less reserves to draw from as well, and on and on. Meanwhile, somebody stands to make a great deal of money, and it's not you and it's not me. That being said, when our pocketbooks are affected, we will buy any excuse for war. Ultimately, if the powers that be want a war, they will get it. There's money to be made on death, too.

Remember, we have declared that we love the Iraqi people, so much that we wound up killing thousands of them to save them from a dictator we did not like. We love the Afghanni people, so much so that we killed thousands of them to save them from a religious group we didn't like. We love the Iranian people -- so much so that I fear we will be willing to kill thousands of them to save them from an elected government we do not like.

This is politics, American style. When you play politics that way, people die. Innocent people die and we apologize for that. And somehow the price of gas goes up anyway.

So a year from now, look back with nostalgia: "Remember when gas was just three bucks a gallon? Those days are gone forever!"

And somebody will get rich.

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