Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fine Wine And Valentines

Everybody knows that I love all things Dutch. Well, most things, and I cannot think of any exceptions right now besides perhaps an oddly shaped piece of Delft Blue pottery I discovered in Amsterdam's flower market and did not buy. That is, as they say, another story for another day.

Having said this, I want to mention a Dutch product I am sure you all will like, and an appropriate addition to a romantic Valentine evening. It is called ChocoVine, a product of Holland under the label Europal. What it is, is a combination of red wine and chocolate -- what could be better? Not only that, it tastes wonderful and is easily quaffable. It is also affordable, retailing around $12 a bottle and often on sale. I bought a bottle for tonight at my local grocer's for $8.29.

In Montana, liquor is sold in state-regulated stores and pretty expensive, but beer and wine are readily available at prices similar to what I remember in California. Also, with beer and wine being the mainstays of choice here, the selection is often surprising and inventive. I love a good Malbec or Chateauneuf du Pap, but my beer budget is more in line with Pinots and Shiraz's, and, of course, ChocoVine.

ChocoVine comes in two flavors: chocolate and coffee. Haven't tried the latter yet, but it's Dutch so I know it will be good.


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