Sunday, February 5, 2012

Short Note at Half Time

Just a hort one to keep my hand in. It's hard to write a blog a day, especially if you spend your day tickling your grandson on demand or building Duplo structures just so he can knock them down. By the time he's ready for bed, so am I.

It is one of our greatest delights to have Xander on sleepovers almost every weekend. It's a wonderful way to stay connected and to watch him grow, change and develop. It also offers me in particular the opportunity to train Xander in the very porecise arts of being a Silly Man.

Montana is great in no small measure because of Xander and his terrific parents. I wish more grandchildren were on the horizon, but, then, for the time being Xander gets the benefit of our full attention, which any nearly four year old can really enjoy.

Silly Men unite! Special note to Erik -- the next Silly Man Convention needs planning big time. Bring your own spam.

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