Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13 To blog or not to blog. That is the question. Whether it is more clever of the heart to stumble over words on a snowy April Saturday afternoon . . . First it falls, then it melts, then it rains, then it dries, and now we await a deeper storm to come with the dusk. It is a good day for poetry and independent movies. /Off the Main Roads (4-12-13) /Are you okay? they asked. /I laughed and said /I’m desperately un-rich /And seriously under read /But aside from that /I’m healthy. /You’re hard to reach, /They observed. I said /My Stegosaurus computer /Travels the information highway /With all deliberate hesitation. /I still like snail mail. /My cell phone has a flip lid /And is seriously app deprived. /I do plug in, I do explore, /But I always stop when /Virtual flowers exude /Their scents. /I’m letting civilization /Pass me over /As any good anachronism /Should. But do not ask me /To crawl off to die /Within these vibrant living /Woods.

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