Monday, April 1, 2013

April is National Poetry Month

April One: April is National Poetry Month. So what, you say? Well, yes – George Carlin once wrote that far more people write poetry than read it, and he was right. But, still, it must be remembered that poetry is the diary of the soul and a powerful way for many people to find creative expression, and must be encouraged. Besides, almost every one of us hears poetry on a daily basis every time a song is sung or declaimed on the radio. Adele is a poet, though not all poets are Adele or even close. Doctor Bren Brown explained beautifully that each of us is creative. It is part of who we are as human beings. We need to find an outlet for our creativity. We need to do what we love and find expression of ourselves through it. Making money is not the paramount concern. A few get lucky enough to combine career and creativity, very few. And very very very very few of those are poets. The point is that everyone is creative and poetry is one very personal and beautiful (or funny, or poignant, or sad, or even pointed) way to write entries in the journal that is your soul’s progression through life. So welcome to all poets, those who rhyme and those who don’t; those who write epics and those who write haiku; those who tell stories and those who tell jokes; those who play with the words for the words’ own sake or use the words to say something else. All are welcome. It is April. Shower us! I hope to lodge one of my own poems on this blog every day. I hope you will read it and enjoy the imagery or the thought or the sigh of breath. So, here goes poem number one, called Backlook.: Eleven years passed, I blew the dust from yellowed pages, and tried to read the chicken scratch that was a poem once. A diary of the soul, poems are, like fine Bordeaux, kept cool and dark, aged to perfection, a time capsule, a window to the past. My past. I loved you then, and baseball, books by Stephen King. freedom., the sanctity of the individual within the power of partnership, God. Nothing much has changed.

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