Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April 30 in 30, Day 2

On Today today, there was a discussion of the least favorite words in the public conscience, with each of three famed Today personalities chiming in with theirs. It was much fun, thinking about words that might be repulsive or conjure up repulsive images. My favorite combination from some of the suggestions is: “Moist, oozing cheeses.” Luckily, you won’t find images like that in the poems I present this month. Who wants to read stuff like that? //OUT ON A LIMB// /Swaying, nervous, /the earth tugging from below, /holding onto the thinnest branch /I ever saw. 'It’s snapping. /A thousand vertigo feet /below /my problems gape, wide mouthed /full of gnashing teeth /and slippery hungry tongue. /Around me /once /were all sorts of people /who needed me cool, collected. /But they’re gone. /Things began to fall into place /and then it dawned on me /like a tightrope walked in a spell /broken /that I’m afraid of heights.

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