Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Aftermath and Local Weather

April 20 It has been a few days. Again, the events in Boston had me paralyzed. I keep thinking about the victims, how their lives are forever altered by the violence done to them. Yes, the nation feels a deep and abiding sorrow for them and with them, but we will move on. The victims will have to struggle with the aftermath of these cruel acts long after we have turned the page to the next news flash. I want to remember them, and I do keep a spot in my heart and my soul for them, but, I too, will move on. Having said that, and having duly noted the gravity of what happened, and also remembering the other great tragedies that have befallen human beings over the same few days, I offer two poems today in make-up mode. I also want to toast Paul and Marsha on their wedding day and raise a virtual glass to your happiness! So, here are the poems, one for the victims and one for the future. //Aftermath /A monumental end /To a horrific week /And I sat there glued to the screen /Watching things not happen. /An abundance of caution /Is not a phrase we much hear /But praiseworthy trend, /Like peace. /And now once again /We are left trying /To make sense out of senseless, /To put the bomb back in its container, /The genie in the bottle, /Our own lives back on track, /Our path littered with trite expressions, /Resilient, proud, undeterred /And desperately unchanged. //The Last Cold Day /The last cold day /Sprinted through the forest /With frost licking its heels. /The last cold day /Filtered through the sunshine /Like a contradiction, /But clouds are warmer. /The last cold day /Before summer comes /Was stubborn, was late, /And all of us here, /With the first day of spring /Circled in bold dark red /On our calendars /Weeks ago, /Hope it’s the last cold day.

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