Thursday, April 11, 2013

Today's Poem: Flathead Fill

April 11 Grandson Xander got to see the fire station today. Eight five year olds and nine adults; I think the adults were as excited as the kids! With a schedule change, Xander is spending the night tonight instead of his usual Friday overnight visit, so my blog today is these few words and my poem for the day: /The Flathead Fill /The lake is slowly filling, /Winter runoff early, /April snowstorm coming /Late. /They say it was a mild one /And now they’ll remember /How long winter stayed, /Like an unwanted guest /You need to see, /Uncle Albert or Auntie Em, /Who missed his flight /Month after month /And now shows up /Smiling pearly white. /The boaters make ready, /Clean their engines, /Check their oil /Buy fresh gasoline /And dream of crossing /Shallow water /To get to Wild Horse Island /For a picnic in the sun, /Whenever he finally shows.

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